Okay, so I know this sounds kind of strange but … a year ago I wrote a column (which you will find here in the back issues) called “Badges of Honour.”It was about trying to sew my son’s badges on his Cub Scouts uniform and the flood of memories that brought back to me of my childhood in the Brownie Pack, where I was a sprite with a whole lotta might. Yet the story is also a tribute to my mother’s volunteer commitment, because she made Brown Owl’s cool.

Now the Girl Guide’s of Canada my story as one of their top choice blogs for the year. Very cool!!  I just need people to vote to get the numbers high enough. What do I win? Basically, the exposure to tell little girls and the amazing big girl volunteers that GUIDES matters – and that my Mom was a fabulous role model. Oh, and that I cannot sew badges on anything, much less earn them …

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