Welcome to the best month in the calendar year.

I’d like to point out that two incredible births happened in July: Canada was born and so was I. It’s not a coincidence. This is manifest destiny in action, folks. We are practically twins. We both have a lot of water retention, temperamental seasonal disorders, and an undeniable charm with a wicked sense of humour. It’s true.

Canada and I find nature a great comfort in every season. We believe it’s not summer until you paddle in a canoe or run from a dock spider. It’s not fall until you’ve experienced that horrible split second of wondering if the rake was removed from the giant pile of leaves you are about to land in.

Winter brings frozen nose hair, cloudy breath and a whole new appreciation for the challenges of using a washroom when you are dressed in layers, because those layers never come off as fast as you need them to.

Then there is spring, when your first crocus pops up in the garden and you want to weep because you were sure you’d never see a real flower again. Before you know it? July. Happy dance.

My country and I share a spectacular appreciation for humour. We like to laugh. It’s one of our best qualities, frankly. Neither of us takes our selves too seriously. Even our politics is fodder for sitcom. So be it. We both agree our quality of life requires belly laughs.

Canada loves music too, just like me: all kinds of music. You should see our Canadian playlist. It includes every genre featuring songwriters from sea to shining sea. We sing Gordon Lightfoot while we wash the dishes. We’re culture hounds. We fundamentally believe arts are critical and Canada has some of the greatest talent in the world. We’re proud.

We believe we have the two best national sports of any country. Hockey is the most fun you can have on ice (sorry, curling is okay too), and lacrosse is, without a doubt, the most exciting sport to watch. We even make football better. We may be a nice nation but we like our sports rough. It’s character building.

Both Canada and I are polite. We say thank you. Some would call us do-gooders. We’re okay with that. We share some fundamental values: do the right thing by each other, be grateful for what you have and the sacrifices other people made so you could have it. Invest in your communities. Share. Help. Be a good friend. Stand up to your enemies (they’re just jealous and need love too).

Remember your history, honour it, but don’t be held back by it. Forgive the past. Accept that change is just opportunity and move on. For Canada, this lesson makes us a stronger nation. For me, this message reminds me to be a better person.

Canada and I have come to terms with our sense of identity. We’re proud of what we stand for and where we stand too. We’re both determined to make the world a better place. No one should ever underestimate what we’re capable of; true patriot love, baby.

Happy birthday to you Canada, you beautiful July baby. You get to buy the first round.

My taxes say you can afford it. Cheers!