About Me

Writing has been my passion since I learned how to hold a pencil (which I still cannot do properly). Despite my father’s insistence that I would starve to death in this career, I remain well fed and eager to write more. They say you should do what you love: I love to write.

My greatest success has been with my weekly column Write Out of Her Mind, which won the “Humour Columnist of the Year Award” through the Ontario Community Newspaper Association.  It’s not the award that is the success, though; it’s the longevity of the readership who have followed me for almost a decade, reading about the trials and joys of raising a family, being married and trying to balance a career and a colour-coded fridge calendar.

My specialty, like my education, is diverse on purpose. Curiosity and an open mind on a range of topics has allowed me to write about everything from farming water buffalo to writing public relations material for major wireless telecommunications companies and major urban centres. Fascinated by people I’ve had the opportunity to interview iconic musicians and share the inspiration of human-interest stories of World War veterans, artists and athletes that change people’s perspective on what truly matters. I’ve even covered lacrosse games and harness-racing, because it’s just too much fun to miss. If it matters to my clients and their audiences, it matters to me.

From corporate communications, speech writing, marketing and web content, to journalism and magazine feature writing and editing, to a weekly column approaching a very important anniversary, writing is not just what I do: it’s who I am.