Kelly Waterhouse is a freelance writer and award-winning columnist with more than 20 years of experience writing content and meeting deadlines. She has solid credentials built on experience and a reputation for getting to the heart of the story, the point of the project or the centre of the issue.

Whether it is journalism pieces or magazine feature stories, public relations and marketing for corporate clients, or web-content for a direct audience, words matter. The message is key. She is skilled at knowing what needs to be said and helps others communicate what matters.

As a humour columnist, Kelly has built a loyal following of readers who share in her outlook on life, love and the pursuit of the to-do list.

Sure, she’s funny, but she’s serious about her craft and her projects. Her style is as diverse as the topics she covers and that is part of her passion for the work: it’s always fresh. Writers are never bored.

Check out Kelly’s samples and contact her to find out how her skills can benefit your communication projects.

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